Hi, I am Tom Sellars. Thanks for stopping by my site! There is a lot of great content here that helps to give you an introduction to our software platform. I could be like every other “opportunity site” we see in the internet these days and make ridiculous claims about my Ferari, or Lambo but the fact is I don’t own one and quite frankly don’t even want one. I could further claim that I’ve made millions of dollars since I found this platform (and that most of it was made in my sleep on a tropical island, while I was sipping exotic cocktails) but that is also not the truth. What I will say is I have done very well with this and continue to do so. I will further say that I make most of my income from home and that yes I really can do this from anywhere. I say most of my income as I do have clients that I visit with that are local. The rest (and there are many) I meet with over a screen share meeting. I can and will answer any of your questions via phone or email or text if you like. My contact info is of course available in may places here.

So this is where you would expect me to tell you that before I found TW3 I was homeless or unemployed and shot to greatness within a few short days of investing from money that I collected from selling a family heirloom. Also, not true. I know doesn’t make for dramatic copy does it? The reality of where I come from and how I got here is really as simple as I recognized a problem within my existing business (mainly lead generation and a pure hatred of cold calling) and for lack of a better word stumbling upon the solution here. I saw the same information that you have or are about to and went about my due diligence. I thought if this checks out, and obviously it did to my satisfaction, I would not only fix my problem but  I could help other business owners solve theirs. I also saw the opportunity for people who did not already run their own business that this could be a viable business of its own. It could also open doors for those who have always wanted to work for themselves.They now could  have a way to do it for far less than what most of us who have opened a busines had to invest.I will let you decide.

As for me I came from a background probably not much different than your own I worked at a profession for 30 years that I was relatively successful at, but at a cost. That cost to me was the amount of hours that my job required through those years. I was rarely home and of course missed many milestones of my childrens youth, family functions,etc. I made a good living but I missed a lot of life. I am sure this not an unfamiliar story but it is the truth. 

So what is my story today? I now work from my home office and run this and another business that was greatly enhance d by the tools I was exposed to within this platform.  I am active in my community and help to raise funds for a cause that is very personal to me. As a stage IV cancer survivor I  volunteer  at the cancer hospital where I was successfully treated. As part of that mission I  do a weekly podcast that is informative, and where we raise funds for various cancer causes. My second podcast is about what it takes to work from home and ways to leverage technology and time to be profitable. Am I maknig millions? The answer is no. At least not yet. I make a very comfortable living(considerably more than I did working 60-70 hours a week in dealership management) but more importantly to me, I am now earning on my terms, and what I feel that my family is worth. We live in a nice home, drive nice cars, but far more importantly have time to be a family and do what we want to do when we want and we are helping people to do the same.

There is my story. Nothing terribly flashy, not the rags to riches in a matter of days, copy you are used to seeing by many in the work from home space. Sorry. It’s not flashy. Not ridiculously hyped claims. It’s the truth. If you have read this far and are contemplating this opportunity for yourself my advice is just as simple. Undertsand this is going to take work. You are unlikely to get rich in your first 4 hours. You will have to be accountable to yourself. You will have to learn some skills that perhaps you don’t have. You will fall off your bike on occaision. But if you get back on it like you did as a kid you will get good at it. You have ridiculous amounts of training and mentoring available to you here that you would be wise to take advantage of. Take action, learn new skills, enjoy what you have built. If you make the decision  to do those three things I look forward to working with you. This program has been designed with many ways to succed. Let’s talk about it.